Expeditious Frequently Asked Questions

Boston and surrounding area same day delivery services

Expeditious Couriers offers car, van and truck deliveries and courier services for all your document and package same day and express delivery needs. Servicing Boston and the surrounding areas since 1986.

  • Q.  I have 25 cartons ready at a printer to go to a customer's office.  The customer is picky and demanding.  They want the delivery placed inside their storeroom downstairs.  How can you help?
  • A.  Call us and let us know your expectations.  We strive to make you look good to your customers.  More business for you is more business for us.
  • Q.  I am a print broker.  I have problems when I ship my jobs in that sometimes my labels don't get put on my boxes, or the packing list refers to the printer and not my company.  How can you help?
  • A.  I work for you, I represent you, when we pick up and deliver we are your agent.  We are the last quality control point in the chain to your customer. The smallest details can sometimes make all the difference.
  • Q.  I have 2 pallets of mail trays to ship to a local post office for a bulk mailing along with a check for the postage.  How will this happen?
  • A.  We can deliver your mail, get your paperwork processed and ensure a satisfactory outcome of your job.
  • Q.  You already have a delivery on board your truck, the customer has called and changed the delivery address and quantities.  What can you do?
  • A.  The driver gets rerouted, the packing lists are changed, the customer receives what they requested.
  • Q.  I already use another courier service for my delivery needs.  Why should I call Expeditious?
  • A.  Try us and see the difference Expeditous Courier can make.

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